WCTO Session Offerings

WCTO Writers Are Optioning, Placing in Major Contests and Building Their Skills!

1. Tertiary sessions: In Winter 2018, we’re likely taking on Architecture — a holistic topic, and organic point of human awareness, which allows us to provoke story, character, dialogue, and setting. We’ll explore how bricks & mortar structures provoke story elements but also those architectures which can only be seen as people engage with them (rules, morals, historical-temporal, juridical-legal, beliefs/ideologies, taste, and so so much more). Exciting, huh?

Each session includes opportunities to workshop your pages (screenplay, fiction, poetry, essay, playwriting, etc.) in small, facilitated group sessions. Participating writers receive constructive and inspiring feedback from each other and thom. thom provides in-session, in writing and recorded feedback for each submission. Presentations, exercises and learning strategies are offered in every session. Push your skills, craft and the projects you’re working on. Six weeks, 3 hrs./wk. $347, inc. Max: 6-8 writers

2. Video Conference sessions: these two-hour online group sessions include peer and instructor feedback. thom provides in-session warm-ups, plus recorded and in-person feedback for each submission. 3-6 participants only. Six weeks, 2 hrs./wk. $300, inc.

3. 1-1 sessions: In-person, 1-1 coaching/consulting sessions with thom. $113/hr., inc. Intensive coaching sessions include written feedback and discussion of your work. Writing strategies and suggestions designed especially for you. $90/hr, inc. for current students. 

Coming soon!

4. Writers’ Circle TO In-play uses the principles of focused-play and other organic principles of awareness to generate and activate creative writing. Participants will practice playing with full-out spontaneity and commitment as they develop fiction and performance-oriented work. Using the Spolin games and the Viewpoints as a starting point, we will learn methods that locate us in the moment, in our bodies, and in relationship to ourselves and others. And then, most importantly, activate these moments for story. Ideal for performers/players, writers, directors and other creatives. We may incorporate digital media into our work as well.  These sessions are exhilarating, rigorous and inspiring. $350 (six 3-hour sessions). Max. 10 participants. 

Starting dates: second week of February. Exact time T.B.D. for in-person and video conference sessions. Reserve your seat by sending tuition for your desired session ASAP. Please send via email money transfer. Cheque and cash also accepted. 

Email thom at thom@thomvernon.com to register and for more information.