Testimonials: Workshop Participants & Students

-“Amazing. I had a great experience and have a desire for more. Great course. Amazing instructor.”

 -“Tremendous experience. One of the best.” 

 -“Thom’s willingness to believe in my story—my ability to tell it. He didn’t treat me like an amateur. He helped me to care about writing.”

 -“Excellent…passionate teacher.”

 -“Terrific feedback with precise points for improvement.”

 -“I liked that we were given the opportunity to workshop our work but not under particular pressure to if we were hesitant. I also liked the general welcoming atmosphere of the classroom….”

 -“Instructor feedback, technical and industry-related knowledge gained. Instructor’s enthusiasm and passion for the subject, along with his sense of compassion and encouragement.”

 -“Easy learning. Useful Evaluation. And great ability to learn, be evaluated and re-evaluated.”

 -“Quick feedback to our work.”

 -“You are a great teacher and I learned a lot….”

 -“Thom’s knowledge and enthusiasm and ability to articulate difficult concepts and theories into practical application.”

– “I liked the amount of fun physical exploration we did.”


– “Sticks. Also, all of Thom’s discussion of Viewpoints made me curious about that technique.”

– “We got to see such a variety of styles; while it was lovely to do this, I wish we could have gone more….”

– “Didn’t realize I could write so much so fast.”

-“Knowledgeable and passionate and friendly….”

-“The best part of the workshop was the last exercise of connection and creating a scene together using Light because our previous exercises were put in use…practical application of exercises before.”

– “Great Workshop”

-“I have discovered that how much potential I have.”

-“Great fun, intelligent Instructor.”

-“I learned I have a great ability to concentrate in the midst of chaos.”

-“I learned I can take physical risks. I can be strong. I can fight. I can be sexy. I can love and feel dirty at the same time. I learned that my body is something to be trusted and it shouldn’t be separate form the emotional connection.”

-“Loved this workshop and most definitely coming back!”

-“The thing i discovered about myself that I didnt know before participating… was that i could play whatever character right as long as i set my mind to it and took it seriously.”


-“My favourite part was the facilitator! Great advice + approach to activities. Made everyone feel comfortable.”

-“I have learned to trust my instincts when making my own decisions and not to constantly feel I must seek the approval of an outside source.”

-“Now I feel like I was actually a part of the Harvey Milk Festival.”

-“Wish we had more!”