The Drifts Live

The Drifts Live is a one-person performance of excerpts of thom’s novel, The Drifts (Coach House Books, 2010). We intend to tour the show while it is in development. Maja Ardal has joined us as dramaturge, while the incomparable Lyon Smith done our music.

We have recently received support from the Ontario Arts Council’s Theatre Creators’ Reserve program as recommended by Buddies in Bad Times and The Cabaret Company theatres.

The show has been extremely well-received at the 2012 Hollywood Fringe Festival and off-Broadway at the 2013 New York International Fringe and United Solo Festivals (NYC). 2014 takes us to the So and So On Festival in London (UK) for a short run. See the workshops page for talk & workshop options. 

The Drifts Live project is usually (but not necessarily) booked as a performance and workshop package.

This unique product explores gender roles & identities through performance and workshops. This is work that mines artistic traditions such as trace (Poe, Baudelaire, Proust, Benjamin, etc.), connection (Afro-feminism) & the Viewpoints. Combined with thom’s unique capacities as a performer and facilitator, programmers will be provided a one of a kind entertainment and learning opportunity. A performance of The Drifts Live followed by creative &/or critical workshops with thom will change how audiences and learners think about gender, identity and artistic work.

The Drifts Live can be booked as a solo performance or accompanied by a musician.

About The Drifts Live, audiences have said:

“Incredible book, incredible performance. Thom created a rich and deep world portraying the 4 main characters of his book. I was drawn in immediately. Bravo Thom!.”

” Wow – a tour de force – an hour of incredible intensity, power, sensitivity. An ensemble of characters from one performer, from one to the next and back again, and as dikfferent as they are from one another, always the thread remains. Powerful storytelling, humanity, skill, and talent. An inspiring night, very highly recommended. Very worth it!”…and others.

Technical Specifications:

Stage: 16′ X 22′ (minimum)

LX: standard hang

SFX: standard sound system

60 mins., 1 performer

Optional: 1 acoustic musician