Most have us have been taught that stories and drama arise out of conflict. Connection challenges this. It disrupts our narratives and increases the storytelling and dramatic possibilities because it acknowledges the truth of human experience. We live and exist in an embedded way. You may have heard that ‘no man is an island’, well, that’s true of characters in fiction, screenwriting, essay-writing, etc.

Afro-feminism has demonstrated that we are born into a web woven with deep emotional and psychological ties that change how we move (and are able to move) through the world, the choices that we make and the tools we use to get what we want.

What would happen if we writers asked ourselves what will ‘X’ do, no matter what, to connect to ‘Y’? Insert any character into ‘X’ & ‘Y’. But we can go further. What if ‘Y’ were Society, an Institution, Nature, a diety, etc.? Connection explodes the myth of Man v. Man, Man v. Nature, Man v. Society, etc. by clarifying and enriching and complicating the way human lives are.