Lots of projects going. There’s a novel, Neutrino or I Met Death & Sex Through My Friend Tom Meuley, a book of essays, Mattering, and a young adult novel, Rabbit Hole. I write kind of slow, so in the meantime…

Most recent:

Sweet Hope in the Delta: an Interview with Mary Bucci Bush on Italians, African Americans, and Ghosts on Sunnyside Plantation (Arkansas Literary Review, 43:3, 2013).


Selling It: Creative Writing and the Public Good in The Creativity Market: Trends in Creative Writing in the 21st Century, Multilingual Matters, UK (2012)


The Angel at Our Table: Angelus Novus and Where Art Comes From in Food and the Hunger Artist: Voracious Appetite in the Arts, Cambridge Scholars Press, (2013).